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Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
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Winner of 3 Dolphin Awards 2000:
Best Ambient / New Age track
Best Environmental / Message song
Best Promotional Artwork poster
Winner of 1 Dolphin Award 2002:
Best Folk Song

plus 4 Dolphin Award nominations:
Best Adult Contemporary Song 2001 (One nomination)
Best Promotional Artwork/Website 2003 (One nomination)
Best Ambient / New Age track 2003 (Two nominations)
Dolphin Awards are a North Coast regional music award given out by the
North Coast Entertainment Industry Association

What follows are excerpts from actual hand written testimonials
sent in by people who use and enjoy the music personally and professionally...

SIR ARTHUR C. CLARKE (Sri Lanka) - Visionary author of '2001: A Space Odyssey':
"Many thanks for your letter and the tape - I've already given it several listenings and much enjoyed them. Most intriguing! Sorry I changed destinations after 2001. I'll do what I can to promote your work - meanwhile, the best of luck, and again, thanks."

TIMOTHY LEARY (U.S.) - Visionary and writer
"I wonder why you are fusing your sounds and ideas with others. Harmony with others, being in tune. Fusion is the only way to increase intelligence beyond the scope of your own neurology. Best of luck."

ED LANTZ (U.S.) - Visionary producer of Harmony Channel
"What an awesome and amazing collection of music!  Very eclectic. We look forward to reviewing every piece and selecting cuts for future productions."

DENISE LINN (U.S.) - Visionary healer and writer:
"The music of Japetus literally carries me beyond time and space. The haunting melodies convey such beautiful images. I use this music in my seminars with excellent results."

NEVILL DRURY (Australia) - Editor and writer:
"Japetus stands out as one of Australia's most adventurous synthesiser musicians, and he has ventured into unfamiliar areas where few others have dared to go."

The music of Japetus is exclusively used and recommended by this well respected spiritual healing organisation.

MASTER JACK LIM - Qigong Master and healer:
"A new student, who bought one of your albums after hearing it the first time, said he had never heard such beautiful flowing music before."

STARRY NIGHT PLANETARIUM - There is a cosmic couple in Australia who travel to school and community centres with a mobile planetarium. "The Planetarium is a unique environment where our visitors view the night sky as they would see it from Byron Bay. To set the mood, I was looking particularly for some atmospheric music for our shows featuring a local artist. The CD we use 'Deep Space' from Japetus fits the bill exactly and we use this regularly for all our performances. Thank you". Marie and Philip - The Cosmic Couple.

Catholic priest, lecturer and yoga teacher:
"It has been a real inner delight to have met you. The Radiant Self is very soft and leads the listener to a self-unfolding discovery. I often use your Kundalini album and The Great Great Silence. They are a great help with my yoga classes. Especially Kundalini. A real step-by-step experience of Chakra meditation. I would recommend it to all meditation teachers and facilitators."

JO BUCHANAN - Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.
"I used nothing but your music Japetus during the five years I taught Meditation at Mulawa Maximum Security Prison and the Norma Parker Correctional Centre(formerly the Parramatta Female Factory). I conducted the meditations inside small concrete rooms with no windows to the outside world. The screaming and cursing that filled the corridors outside these rooms often made it very difficult. But as the women gradually learned to physically relax their bodies and quiet their minds, they discovered they could escape this harsh environment for precious periods of time. Your music was pivotal to achieving this. Their favourite and most requested tapes were The Radiant Self, Deep Space and Visions of Paradise."

RITA WALKER - Manager of Liverpool Women's Health centre:
"I am writing to say how beneficial your Visions Of Paradise video has been here. We play it in our reception area and the responses have been very favourable. Our staff say how relaxing it is, with the same response when used in group work."

SUE FENECH - Music teacher and cancer patient:
"I believe that your creativity together with your willingness to share with people in need is truly a wonderful endeavour. I am using your Mystic Pathways series as part of a self healing program for a cancer recurrence, and so far I have improved. I can instantly enter an altered state with your music. I am a music specialist that teaches in schools and I am very choosy about the music I use - but yours is brilliant in the images it projects while still having a sound, musical basis. Your Egyptian Book Of The Dead album has sustained me through cancer. I'm pleased to inform you that because of this work I have been doing on myself, my condition has stabilised."

- Counsellor and healer:
"I found Visions Of Paradise to be so relaxing and even every day when I start thinking and worrying about my problems, I relate back to the album and what I see when I listen to it. It takes so much to relax me, but this did."

LISTEN.COM - internet MP3 reviewer:
Japetus draws you into his soft, ethereal works without overindulging in bombastic melodies... the common pitfall of new age composers. Cascading harps and ambient synthesisers slip through your pores."

My all-time favourite alternative music album, 'Visions of Paradise' by Japetus was for me, perfect birthing music. It's soundscape was an anchor during contractions, and a subtle yet calming presence - non-intrusive and ideal for the spiritual experience of birthing. This album has been my constant now for almost two decades, sending me off to blissful sleep, or as a tool to achieve deep relaxation. For those who enjoy meditation, working with the energy body, or using sound as vibration to achieve altered states of consciousness, I can say from personal experience 'Visions of Paradise' still transcends the lastest in hemisync, mind-altering technology that I have tried. I feel no need for anything else, it is timeless and heavenly." Donni, Townsville.

- "My husband was a news reader with the ABC in Melbourne and he died suddenly in 1985. I used to listen late on a Saturday night to Jaroslav Kovaricek's Dreamtime program on ABC-FM radio and first heard Visions Of Paradise and liked it so much that I bought the cassette. I would like to buy the Visions of Paradise CD for sentimental reasons. I used to listen to it hour after hour when I was going through a bad patch, and when I decided to come back to the UK in 1989, I played it to friends and they thought it was amazing. I hope I get used to the new extended version as you know what it is like when you know every note that follows.  I put my muffly old cassette recording of it onto an mp3 player and listened to it on the bus and train when going to visit my poor mum in hospitals and ghastly nursing homes and sadly she died a year ago." Elaine, UK.

- "Hello Jay. The CD's arrived safely.... thank you. When I picked them up from the post office, I could hardly wait to get in the car and listen to Visions of Paradise. It was wonderful to hear the familiar music after so long and enjoy each piece as it played. I really love the bit where the bells toll hauntingly. I must admit, I couldn't tell how it was different (from the original mix) except that some of the music seemed clearer if that makes sense. I have listened to Deep Space and love both tracks. I have been wanting to get some 'water' music for a while now so track two Celestial Ocean is ideal for that. It's always a gamble to buy a CD without having heard it first but I am really delighted with it. Now I have to buy a new CD player for my room as the old one doesn't play CD's any more. My son and I are both so happy to have our favourite relaxation music to enjoy again." Susanne, Hunter Valley.

- "Yes please, include The Threshold in the order. So glad to be able to get it too. I enjoy your music so much (as does my soul). Can't wait 'til they arrive. I most certainly DO appreciate your work. It was the first music of it's type that I bought, many years ago. I heard The Threshold playing in The Affirmations bookshop in Prahran and fell in love with it. I did not realise just how unique it was 'til over the years I've listened to and/or bought more similar genre music, but nearly always felt they just didn't quite hit the mark. I truly love yours. It somehow resonates inside me and soothes and nurtures something very special. I love 'experiencing' them." Liz, Melbourne.

- "One thing I noticed about your work: it appears 'round' / 'whole'. You spent a lot of time honing it, revisited your CDs, and re-did the covers and the website, in order to present it and make it accessible to whoever looks. Thank you. In a world where so much is done haphazardly, the outer veneer made to look right, I feel that with you it's not just that, but also the core/ content/ heart is there as well. Thank you."
Gregor, London.

- "I used to have Once Around The Sun when I was probably only about 9 or 10 and I have missed playing it for nearly 10 years. I am so happy to have found it again. I can't tell you how much this soundtrack has meant to me. My sister and I used to have it playing in our bedroom at night to help us get to sleep and I soon became unable to sleep unless it was playing each night. I later went on to use it through high school with visualisation, and of course nights before exams when I couldn't sleep. I am so glad that you stuck around long enough to keep producing copies. I'm now 22." Crystal, Sydney."

- Japetus keep up the heavenly work. You are a true channeler of angel music in it's highest form. You are an angelic harp of the multi-verse being plucked by God and the great Mother on every core level of absolute love and light." Garrie, Queensland.

- "How are you Jay????? I don't use email much, but I do 'use' your music every day!!!!!! I always feel such Rapture, such Peace, such Deep Involvement with your Soundscapes!!!!! Thank you Jay for listening to your Higher Self over the last 20 years!!!! For me, Deep Space stands out from the others as so Deep and Powerful. Please continue your 'work'."
John, Sydney.


- Here are 20 excerpts selected from many hundreds of delighted customer letters:
- Wonderful...
- I wish to obtain the rest...
- I was fortunate enough to hear it...
- I Luv It...
- I was very impressed and liked it very much...
- I'm enjoying playing it very much...
- Truly marvelous to listen to...
- I saw the Visions Of Paradise video on Rage on the ABC and fell in love with it. Can I get it as soon as possible...
- I feel you have more potential than any others I have heard. Your tapes give immense enjoyment and I think you have great musical, spiritual and creative talents...
- My wife and I enjoyed your performance at Darling Harbour and have had so much pleasure from the Visions Of Paradise album we purchased...
- I'm more than interested. I love it so much I'd like to collect all his works...
- I was really healed spiritually while listening to your music. It was a wonderful experience...
- I find my state of meditation much more rapidly with Visions Of Paradise. I have a varied collection of Ambient music, but I always return to yours...
- Amazing, overwhelming...
- It is some of the most evocative inner space music I have heard. It has brought peace and healing to many people...
- Congratulations on your work...
- How beautiful is your music. I shall gather all your compositions unto me whenever I can...
- Visions Of Paradise is superb. I have enjoyed it immensely...
- The essence of Jay's love, distilled as music, lifts me from the depths of despair.
- I have been lucky enough to get hold of a Japetus album. What a marvelous collection of music...
- I heard your gentle and soul-soothing music on ABC-FM and much appreciated it. They were all beautiful...

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